Invest in Natovi


We design premium fitness apparel with the input of a passionate community and strive to be a source of inspiration and motivation to all individuals that live a fitness lifestyle.






Invest $499+ and receive 30% off

all regularly priced items for life




Invest $1000+ and receive 50% off all regularly priced products, an additional 10% off clearance items, and free shipping for the first year, and then 30% off for life thereafter.





Invest $2500+ and receive 50%

off all regularly priced products for life,

an additional 10% off clearance items,

and free shipping.




Invest $5000+ and receive $500 store credit, plus 50% off all regularly priced products for life, an additional 10% off clearance items, and free shipping.



Our mission began with a quest to build a better activewear line engineered to give women and men the support, functionality, and style that they need.

Since then, our product offering has grown into an extensive line of premium fitness apparel. Along with creating great products, we are also focused on building a great community. Whether developing new designs based on customer feedback or creating engaging social media content, we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for all of our customers. 


Our Values

  1. Create with passion - Be innovative and focus on quality

  2. Be active listeners - Pay attention and respond with authenticity

  3. Help each other thrive - Value other's contributions and invest in each other's growth

  4. Striving to do better - Create less fabric waste than conventional manufacturing



Products Built for Performance

Our products have been inspired by the women of the fitness world. We believe it’s important for your mental and physical health to look and feel amazing in and out of the gym.


Men's Line


Fit, fabric, function, and durability are the simple ingredients for producing the industry’s highest quality men’s fitness apparel. Our men’s line includes a curated collection of shorts, pants, joggers, tees, jackets, and hoodies.


Women's Line



Our women’s line includes a balanced selection of shorts, tights, capris, joggers, sports bras, tees, tanks, jackets, and hoodies. We use the finest and highest grade materials available on the market to ensure that our customers will look and feel amazing years to come.


Why Invest?

 We believe we are poised for growth


By combining an elevated brand, high quality products, and a passionate and dedicated team, NATOVI is uniquely positioned to acquire a larger share of the activewear lineup. By choosing our products, you choose an apparel line that is created only as the orders are placed, which creates less fabric waste than conventional activewear companies. Our team is motivated and strong, in both character and actions. Everything we do is from a place of quality and trust.


Business investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved.